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It’s so easy to realize your projects with Sun Wood

Designing Architecture as a Symbiosis of Functionality and Created Beauty

The architect as the “supreme craftsman, master builder and building artist” deals with technical, economic, functioning and creative work, connected to planning, constructing and rearranging buildings and various examples of architecture.ἀρχή (arché) is derived from ancient Greece and means “origin, rise and basic principles”. τέχνη (techne) symbolises arts in combination with skilled crafts and trades. These principles provide functionality and suitable beauty for daily use.Architects and others (e.g. Stainer) are people who establish the basis for all these qualities and this way they become the technicians of realising artistic vision, top-quality implementation and variety of arrangement – better to say, they provide an up-to-date and contemporary handling of planning and creating modern architecture.

Architecture and Functioning Timber Design

Stainer’s various design products (antique and exotic timber, concrete, art photography etc.) are multifunctional and can be integrated in all variations of creative architecture. Stainer-Sunwood provides lots of visual design appearances in unlimited number and performance. Reproduction and duplication are always possible. Our products’ authenticity and naturalness are outstanding and the genuineness of Stainer’s timber and concrete design artefacts are equivalent to naturally grown materials. All our design products are unique, multifunctional and modern. These architectural items have a specific congeniality and character and are ideal for providing perfect offers in fields of architecture and interior design.

Our slogan is: Unity is strength! We provide architectural variety, reproducibility, naturalness, authenticity in visual appearance and design, maximum fire protection and top functionality.

Never forget: architectural design is feasibility, individualised perfection and timeless beauty – because history can be frozen into architecture, as can poetry.